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Why Overseas Pakistani After Getting Foreign Nationality Wants to Marry Girls Residing in Pakistan ?

Overseas Pakistani Rishtay

Understanding Majority of Overseas Pakistanis Choice to Marry Local Brides in Pakistan:

In recent times, a noticeable trend has emerged among overseas Pakistanis who are residing in countries like America, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia etc. According to the survey, more than 65 percent overseas Pakistans after obtaining foreign nationality or work permit, expresses a strong preference for marrying girls residing in Pakistan who have good education and looks. But in some cases, overseas Pakistanis often seek marriage partners through bureaus with expectations varying widely. Common desires include compatibility in values, education, and family background. Many also prioritize qualities like honesty, kindness, and a good sense of humor. Preferences for physical appearance may differ, but a genuine connection and shared values are typically key considerations. This phenomenon prompts an exploration of the underlying reasons behind this choice, shedding light on the dynamics of cross-border unions.

Cultural Connection or Affinity:

One significant factor contributing to the preference for brides in Pakistan is the preservation of cultural ties. Overseas Pakistanis often harbor a deep sense of attachment to their roots, seeking partners who share a similar cultural background, values, and traditions. Marrying someone from their home country becomes a way to maintain and pass on these cultural differences to the upcoming generations.

Familial Connections and Parents Wish:

Many overseas Pakistanis maintain strong family ties in their home country. Choosing a life partner from Pakistan often means strengthening familial bonds, as the new bride becomes an integral part of the extended family structure. This desire for familial continuity and cohesion acts as a driving force in the decision-making process. Wish of elders or parents that their children bring local daughter in law for them who spend quality time with family, take care the house and give good upbringing to their grand children can be the factor as well for overseas citizens.

Lack of Choice in Marriage Proposals:

There are lesser number of Pakistani families residing abroad and mostly are new comers who have younger children of about 5-6 years. So there is less variety of marriage proposals for the overseas Pakistanis settled in western countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia etc. Middle East countries are somehow better but they also lack the variety which is available in Pakistan. There are girls available in Pakistani society for each and every cast and maslaq so that's the reason foreign Pakistanis often contact to BZ Begum Zaheer Marriage Bureau and Rishta Service for the Rishta proposals of their desired castes. Professional degree holder single brides, like MBBS and IT Engineer girls who have fair complexion, slim physique and tall height with ages around 23 to 28, is the trending requirement of the abroad settled Pakistanis and alhamdulillah BZ has done numerous matches time to time. 

We have send many Pakistani citizen girls to abroad but it demands on luck and looks with education. Not every girl meet this criteria in marriage bureaus so before registration, always evaluate personality of your daughter or sister first then apply for abroad proposals.

Traditional Values:

Pakistani society values traditions and familial bonds. Marrying within the homeland is seen as a way to align with these traditional values, providing a sense of familiarity and adherence to societal norms. This choice reflects a deliberate effort to embrace and respect the cultural heritage that forms an essential part of Pakistani identity. After all, they consider Pakistan as their homeland and its and honour for them to get a daughter of Pakistan as their soulmate. 

Positive Image of Pakistani Muslim Girls and their Foreign Counterparts:

In Pakistan, Muslim girls often grow up in a society with strong cultural and religious influences. The majority of the population practices Islam, and cultural traditions play a crucial role in shaping individuals' values and behaviors. Pakistani Muslim girls may experience a blend of modernity and traditional values, navigating the balance between their religious identity and the evolving social landscape. They are family oriented and very good in handling household chores. Their habits can be controlled and can be changed easily as per the common generalization but it can vary person to person and personal experiences may be different.

On the other hand, foreign born and brought up Muslim girls can hail from a multitude of countries with distinct cultural practices and interpretations of Islam. It's a common generalization in people that foreign culture makes the girl bold and western type modernity leads to the fear in the minds of overseas Pakistanis that these girls are hard to control and cannot be a perfect marriage material for long term. They think that western girl's experiences may be influenced by the cultural norms of their home countries, the level of religious adherence in their communities, and exposure to diverse perspectives. 

When comparing Pakistani Muslim girls to foreign Muslim girls, it's important to recognize the diversity within each group and avoid making generalizations. Both Pakistani and foreign Muslim girls come from various cultural backgrounds, and individual experiences and perspectives may differ significantly.

Maintaining Social Recognition in Pakistani Society:

In some cases, marrying someone from Pakistan is associated with social recognition. A spouse from the homeland can be seen as a symbol of authenticity, gaining approval within the community. This social acknowledgment acts as a unifying force, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Shared Goals and Achievements:

Choosing a life partner from Pakistan is also influenced by shared goals and aspirations. In cross-border relationships, having common visions for the future and aligned perspectives on life goals are crucial for a successful partnership. Marrying within the same cultural background facilitates a smoother alignment of these shared objectives.

Role of Technology in Bringing Closer:

Technology plays a crucial role in bridging the gap in cross-border relationships. Video calls, instant messaging, and social media platforms facilitate communication, allowing overseas Pakistani and local Pakistan girls to stay connected despite physical distances. This technological integration transforms the landscape of overseas Pakistani rishtay, providing new avenues for emotional closeness.

Role of Colleagues and Peers:

The role of office colleagues and peers is also important in the decision making. Their personal experiences of the past which they share with our overseas Pakistanis can contribute towards the mind makeup of getting a good family oriented girl which is religious and traditional. Increasing divorce rate in western countries is not a common thing and we are all very aware with it. It's possible that same divorce trauma can be experienced by their friends, which are residing abroad and they share it with all their close circle and this leads to the more appreciation in getting a local girl from Pakistan for the marriage purpose.


In simple terms, overseas Pakistanis might like local Pakistani girls because they share similar cultures and traditions. It's like feeling comfortable and at home when you have things in common, like speaking the same language and following similar customs. This connection makes people feel close to each other.But it's important to know that everyone is different. People have their own reasons for being attracted to each other. Sometimes it's not just about culture; it's also about personal connections and shared experiences.

We shouldn't assume that everyone likes someone for the same reasons. Relationships are unique and depend on the personalities, values, and life stories of the individuals involved. So, in a nutshell, while having a shared culture can bring people together, it's essential to recognize and appreciate the diverse reasons why individuals connect and form relationships.

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