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Changing Trends in Marriage: Why Looks Matter More in Pakistan?

Changing Trends in Marriage: Why Looks Matter More in Pakistan for Marriage? 

The search for a life partner, commonly known as "rishta" in Pakistan, often places a significant emphasis on looks. Marriage bureaus in Pakistan are now experiencing that families care a lot about how a person looks when searching for a match. This shift is because of strong family demands and the picky nature of Pakistani society.

This cultural phenomenon is deeply rooted in various factors, ranging from traditional values to societal expectations and evolving beauty standards. 

Even a famous Pakistani ongoing drama name "Ishq Murshid" unfolds a captivating tale of love overcoming societal boundaries. Set against the backdrop of contrasting social classes, the story revolves around a wealthy young son of a famous politician (Bial Abbas Khan), who is captivated not just by the outer beauty but the inner strength of a charming middle-class girl (Dur e Fishan Saleem). As the narrative unfolds, the rich boy finds himself drawn to the girl's resilience and warmth, discovering a love that defies societal norms. Amidst the challenges posed by their divergent backgrounds, "Ishq Murshid" explores the power of love to overcome the obstacles and bridge the gaps between two totally different worlds.

In this article, we'll explore why looks matter more in Pakistan when it comes to the process of rishta searching.

Understanding the Change:

In Pakistan, families used to follow a traditional way of finding a match. But now, things are different. Families are becoming more choosy, and they focus a lot on certain things, especially how a person looks.

When people see something pretty, their brain feels happy and excited. This happens because of a chemical called dopamine. When dopamine goes up, it can make them forget about other things for a moment. So, when something looks really nice, it's like their brain gets so happy that they might forget what they were thinking about before. Even forget the qualities of someone who has lesser looks. 

Here we discuss some main points below:

1) Initial Attraction and Chemistry:

Physical appearance often plays a crucial role in the initial stages of attraction, leading to the formation of romantic relationships. Aesthetic appeal can contribute to the development of chemistry and intimacy between partners, fostering a deeper connection.

2) Pressure from Society: 

People in Pakistan feel pressured to meet certain expectations when it comes to marriage. Families want to fit in with what society sees as good-looking. This makes looks a big deal in finding a match. Society often places importance on external attractiveness, and being in a visually appealing relationship can bring a sense of social validation.

3) Influence from Media and the World: 

The media has a big say in what is considered attractive. With access to global media, people in Pakistan now see different beauty standards. This global influence is making looks more important, especially in cities where people are more connected to the world.

4) Maintaining Interest and Satisfaction:

While personality and compatibility are vital, physical attraction can help sustain interest and passion over the course of a long-term relationship. For some individuals, personal satisfaction and happiness in a marriage may be linked to the perceived attractiveness of their partner, reinforcing the importance of looks.

5) Money and Changing Roles: 

As people become more financially independent, they also have more say in their choices. This includes choosing a life partner. So, the focus on looks can be a way of expressing personal preferences.

The Role of Marriage Bureaus:

Marriage bureaus are now adapting to these changes. While they used to focus on things like shared values and family background, they now also consider looks. They do this because families want partners who fit modern beauty standards. 

Marriage bureaus need to stay competitive. To do this, they adjust their services based on what families want. As families care more about looks, bureaus include this in their matchmaking process.

Technology helps marriage bureaus match people more effectively. Advanced algorithms now consider looks as an important factor. This helps present families with options that match their preferences.

Challenges and Results:

While caring about looks can meet some societal expectations, it also brings problems.

Superficial Choices: 

Focusing too much on looks might mean missing out on what really matters, like shared values. It could lead to marriages based only on appearance rather than deeper connections.

Affecting Self-Image: 

Constantly caring about looks can make people feel bad about themselves. Trying to meet unrealistic beauty standards might make some people feel they're not good enough.

Fewer Options for Matches: 

If looks become too important, there might be fewer matches. Some great matches might be left out just because they don't fit conventional beauty standards.


In summary, the change in marriage bureaus in Pakistan shows how much importance families put on looks. While it's good to have preferences, it's also important to find a balance. Marriage is about more than just looks. It's about understanding and connecting with each other. The changes in marriage bureaus highlight the mix of tradition, societal expectations, and the new ways people in Pakistan are thinking about marriage.

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