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Growing Issue of Part-Time Matchmakers Scamming Pakistani Rishta Seekers

Part Time Matchmakers in Pakistan

The Growing Issue of Part-Time Matchmakers Scamming Pakistani Rishta Seekers:

In Pakistan, finding a life partner, or "Rishta," is a very important event for families. Traditionally, this search was done by trusted family members and community elders. However, with the rise of technology, many people now rely on online platforms for matchmaking. Unfortunately, this change has also led to a rise in part-time matchmakers who scam people looking for a rishta. Many of these part-time matchmakers see the process as an easy way to make money or get quick rich scheme, often at the expense of rishta seeking families.

The Rise of Part-Time Matchmaking Services:

Part-time matchmaking services have become popular due to several reasons. Firstly, these services are seen as convenient and personal. Part-time matchmakers often work from their homes, advertising their services through social media, online classifieds, and word-of-mouth. They promise to find ideal matches quickly, often for a large fee. However, convenience is not the only reason behind the increase in part-time matchmakers. Economic factors also play a significant role in this rise. Increasing inflation has made it difficult for many families to make ends meet. With the cost of living continuously rising, people are seeking additional sources of income. 

Matchmaking, which requires minimal investment but can bring in substantial fees, appears to be an attractive option. Additionally, the lack of jobs and high unemployment rates in Pakistan have driven many to seek alternative forms of employment. Educated individuals who cannot find work in their fields may turn to matchmaking as a way to utilize their social skills and networks. This is especially appealing in a society where social connections and networking are highly valued. 

Family expenses are another driving force. Many people take up part-time matchmaking to help cover the costs of education, healthcare, and daily household expenses. This side job can offer a flexible schedule, allowing individuals to balance it with other responsibilities. However, while the economic benefits of part-time matchmaking are clear, the lack of regulation and oversight in this sector by the government of Pakistan has made it a breeding ground for scams. Many part-time matchmakers are not trained professionals and may not follow ethical practices. This has led to numerous cases where genuine rishta seekers are getting scammed.

Common Scams by Part-Time Matchmakers:

1. Fake Profiles and Promises: 

Scammers often create fake profiles of potential matches to attract clients. These profiles usually have attractive photos and impressive backgrounds. Once the client shows interest, the matchmaker demands a fee for more details or introductions. After receiving the payment, the matchmaker either disappears or continues to delay without delivering any real results.

2. High Fees and Hidden Charges: 

Some matchmakers charge high fees for their services, promising quick results. After the initial payment, they often introduce hidden charges for additional services like background checks, special demand fees, partner sharing fees or counseling sessions. These fees add up quickly, leaving the seeker with no success and a lot of expenses.

3. Lack of Authenticity and Verification:

Many part-time matchmakers do not verify the profiles they present. This can lead to situations where the seeker meets a potential match, only to find out that important details were false. This lack of checking can cause a lot of emotional distress and a loss of trust in the matchmaking process.

4. Emotional Manipulation: 

Scammers often take advantage of the emotional vulnerability of rishta seekers, especially those who are desperate to find a match. They may promise quick results and exploit the seeker’s anxiety and hope. This manipulation can lead to quick decisions and increased chances of being scammed.

How This Scam Affect the Work of Legitimate Matchmakers in Pakistan:

The rise of scams by part-time matchmakers significantly impacts the work of legitimate matchmakers working in Pakistan. Genuine matchmakers, who have built their reputations on trust, integrity, hard work and successful matching, find themselves under a lot of heat by the fraudulent activities of these scammers. As families and individuals become more cautious and skeptical due to negative experiences, they may hesitate to engage even with reputable matchmakers. 

This lack of trust and commitment not only hampers the business of legitimate professionals but also effects the entire matchmaking industry. As a result, authentic matchmakers have to work harder to prove their credibility and restore confidence in their services, often facing the challenging task of distinguishing themselves from the dishonest operators that have destroyed the fieldfield for some quick cents. 

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