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Join Us Helping Needy Muslim Families For Their Wedding Wishes in Pakistan!!!

"Make Dreams Come True and Support Wedding Wishes" 🌟 

Join us in spreading love, joy, and hope by supporting families who need a helping hand to cover their wedding expenses.

Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a big difference in turning their dreams into reality.💖 

Our Mission: 

At BZ Begum Zaheer Marriage Bureau and Rishta Service , we believe that love and care for humanity has no boundaries and every couple deserves a beautiful wedding day. 

Unfortunately, many families struggle to afford the wedding of their dreams. 

With your support, we can change that!👫

Who We Help:

We assist couples who are deeply in love but facing financial challenges. We help the needy families who can't afford wedding expenses of their daughters. 

These people have inspiring stories, dreams, and aspirations for their big day and your donation can help make those dreams come true.💐 

How You Can Help:

Make a donation today. Your contribution will directly support families in need or else, Share this page

Spread the word and help us reach more generous souls who can make a difference.

Offer your skills: 

If you're a wedding professional, marriage hall owner, restaurant owner, consider donating your services to make these weddings extra special.🤝 

Your Impact:

Your donation will go towards:

Covering venue expenses.

Providing beautiful attire.

Arranging delicious catering.

Creating memorable decor

And much more!✨ 

Follow us for heartwarming stories, wedding updates, and the amazing transformations your contributions are making.🌍 

Together, we can make a difference and create unforgettable memories for deserving couples. 

Join us today and be a part of something truly special. Love knows no limits so let's help love shine brighter.

For Donations:

Contact us at: 92-346-2796769   92-331-1113360   

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Very Much Satisfied with the service of this marriage bureau. Definitely recommend to all.
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They are highly professional. Very happy to work with them. Find a great match