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How to research for a genuine matchmaker in Pakistan, USA, UK, etc?

Trusted matchmaker

How to research for a genuine and trustworthy matchmaker or relationship counselor in Pakistan?

Finding a reliable matchmaker is a key in order to find and ideal life partner. 

Some key points to consider are:

1. Research and Reputation: 

Find matchmakers with a strong online and offline presence. Check out industry reviews, testimonials, and their history. Background check is always preferable.

2. Legit Credentials: 

Make sure your matchmaker is accredited with or belongs to a reputable agency or network of matchmakers. He/she must have extensive experience of matrimony.

 3. Procedure or Transparency: 

Always ask them questions about the matchmaking process, fees, and success rate. A trusted matchmaker should give you clear and honest answers without any hesitation.

4. Customer Testimonials:

Request conversations with past customers to learn more about their experiences and success stories in the past. It gives you a much better idea about their working environment.

5. Compatibility Assessment:

Inquire about how they determine compatibility between customers, such as Personality Assessment or in-depth interview.  Compatibility check can only be performed if the matchmaker is highly trained or experienced.

6. Matchmaker's Network: 

A reliable matchmaker should have an extensive network of potential domestic and international partners. There partner matchmakers contribute their matches for faster processing of rishtay. Without proper network, no matchmaker can survive in this market.

7. Personal Approach: 

Find a matchmaker who will tailor the service to your specific needs and preferences. He must have good experience of public dealing and match searching form an extensive pool of candidates.

8. Background checks: 

Ensure that a thorough background check is performed before you submit the payment for registration. Also inquire about their working terms like membership validity and closing fees, abroad category charges etc.

 9. Privacy & Confidentiality: 

Information confidentiality is the top priority and you must ensure that personal information is protected by the matchmaker. Asking their process in detail about how they proceed with their matchmaking process with their respective clients.

10. Timely Response: 

Measure their responsiveness and willingness gives a clear idea about his/her experience in the market. Evaluate if he/she committed with the work or their intentions is to just make money out of you. Asking challenging questions gives you good awareness about them.

11. Matchmaking Agreement:


12. Compliance with Laws: 

Please ensure that the matchmaker complies with all relevant laws and regulations in Pakistan. They must be registered with the Government institutes like SECP, FBR etc.

13. Personal Interview: 

If possible, meet the matchmaker in person to establish a relationship and assess their professionalism. Some matchmakers doesn't entertain personal meeting due to heavy load of customers and that's not a scam thing. If they have proper premises listed on the internet then you can talk to them and evaluate their working style.

14. References or Suggestions: 

Ask other professionals in the matchmaking and relationship industry for references in order to validate the reputation of a potential matchmaker but don't trust their words blindly because competitors often gives fake advise for each other in order get customer retention.

15. Personal Intuition:

Always trust your intuition or instincts. If something feels strange or doesn't seem to be true, reconsider your decision. Remember that finding the right matchmaker is an important decision. So take the time to thoroughly evaluate your options before committing.

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