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Matchmaking Style with High Success in Pakistan

Matchmaking methods in Pakistan

Methods and Styles of Matchmaking in Pakistan:

Following are some methods used in the matching procedure in Pakistan:

Traditional Arranged Marriages: 

Traditional arranged marriages are still prevalent in Pakistan. In this method, families often play a significant role in finding suitable matches for their children. Matchmakers, known as "rishta aunties" or "rishta matchmakers," may also be involved in the process. These intermediaries help families connect and assess compatibility.

Online Matrimonial Websites: 

The use of online matrimonial websites and apps has become increasingly popular in Pakistan. These platforms allow individuals to create profiles, specify their preferences, and search for potential partners. 

Social Networking:

Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are also used for matchmaking purposes. People often join groups and communities related to marriage and relationships to connect with potential partners.

Word of Mouth: 

Referrals and recommendations from friends, family members, or acquaintances are another common way of finding matches in Pakistan. People often rely on their social networks to introduce them to potential partners.

Matrimonial Events: 

Matrimonial events and gatherings, sometimes organized by community or religious groups, provide an opportunity for individuals and families to meet and interact with potential matches in a structured environment.

Personalized Matchmaking:

Personalized matchmaking is a process that utilizes a combination of technology and human expertise to facilitate the formation of meaningful and compatible romantic relationships or connections between individuals. 

Unlike traditional methods, personalized matchmaking aims to enhance the quality of matches by considering a wide range of factors beyond superficial attributes such as physical appearance or age. 

Personalized matchmaking begins with individuals expressing their preferences, relationship goals, and unique characteristics. These details are gathered through detailed questionnaires, interviews, or online profiles. Advanced algorithms, machine learning, and data analysis are then employed on this information, identifying potential matches with shared values, interests, and lifestyles.

Human matchmakers, often with expertise in psychology or sociology, play a crucial role in the process. They provide a human touch by interpreting the data, understanding the importance of human behavior, and fine-tuning the algorithm's recommendations. This combination of technology and human insight aims to create a more accurate and personalized matchmaking experience.

Key elements of personalized matchmaking include compatibility assessments, personality profiling, and ongoing support throughout the matching journey.

Matchmakers may offer guidance, coaching, or feedback to help individuals navigate the complexities and thus helps in building more meaningful connections.

Now a days, individuals and families mostly hire professional matchmakers who specializes in finding compatible matches based on specific criteria. They are highly skilled educated individuals who performs the compatibility check of the individuals and guide them in the matchmaking process manually as their personalized matchmaker or consultant.

There are many marriage bureaus offering services in Karachi, Pakistan, but BZ Begum Zaheer Marriage Bureau and Rishta Service always keen to prefer personalized matchmaking as compared to online websites or apps offering Rishta Services.


Advantages and Disadvantages of two famous matchmaking Methods:

Here we will discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of two famous styles of Matchmaking in Pakistan, which are Personalized Matchmaking vs Online Websites Offering Shaadi Services in Pakistan. 

Let's focus on both of them in brief in order to make a perfect conclusion:

Pros of Personalized Matchmaking:

Following are the Pros of Personalized Matchmaking:

Personal Focused Attention:

The first and foremost advantage is the focused attention by a human matchmaker rather than an algorithm suggestions for your loved ones. Human experience is the key of higher success rate of marriages done by an experienced matchmaker  person.

Customized Approach: 

Personalized matchmakers take the time to understand your preferences, values, and lifestyle to provide tailored matches.

Quality Matches: 

Matchmakers often curate a pool of potential matches who are pre-screened for compatibility, potentially leading to more meaningful connections.

Availability of a Community Network:

The biggest advantage the client can get is the combined efforts of all matchmakers working together as a community network for the benefit of the society. This network helps in fast selection, more targeted proposals and much more reliability. If the selected matchmaker, is a part of some good community or possess his/her own network of matchmakers who are trusted and verified, than work becomes much more easier and service becomes much more satisfying.

Guidance and Support:

Matchmakers offer guidance, advice, and coaching throughout the selection process of an individual.


They save you time by presenting you with pre-selected matches, reducing the need for extensive browsing and filtering.

Highly Targeted:

In personalized matchmaking, proposals are highly targeted. Like area, age, cast, maslaq and education etc, all things are according to the requirements which contributes to higher success rate.

Full Privacy:

Personalized Matchmaking never compromised on privacy. As it's a family to family approach, so there is very less chances of profiles being circulated over the internet like social media groups.

Cons of Personalized Matchmaking:

Following are some Cons of Personalized Matchmaking:


Personalized matchmaking services can be expensive, limiting access to those who are from poor family background.


You rely on the matchmaker's expertise, which might not always align perfectly with your preferences if the matchmaker you choose in inexperienced.

Needs Proper Research Before Selection of a Matchmaker:

We need to have a proper paper work or research before selecting a matchmaker. If we select an inexperienced or new matchmaker, then we may end up in difficulty or no success.

Pros of Online Websites Matchmaking:

Following are the Pros of Online Websites/Apps offering Shaadi Services in Pakistan:

Wide Reach: 

Online platforms offer access to a large number of potential matches from diverse backgrounds and locations.


You can browse profiles and communicate at your own pace, offering greater control over the process.

Free Browsing of Matches:

Many online platforms offer free or lower-cost options, making them more accessible to a wider range of users.

Compatibility Algorithms: 

Some websites use algorithms to suggest matches based on compatibility scores and shared interests.

Cons of Online Websites/Apps Offering Rishta Services in Pakistan:

Following are the disadvantages listed below:

Overwhelm and less targeted: 

The sheer volume of profiles and choices can be overwhelming and time-consuming to navigate. No specific area based selection is a headache these days as taking into account the travelling cost.

Lack of Quality:

Online platforms may have a mix of serious individuals and those looking for casual connections and dating.

Less Personalized:

Automated matching may not fulfill preferences and compatibility factors as effectively as a personalized experienced matchmaker.


Profiles may not always accurately represent individuals bio data. Lack of due diligence leading to disappointment.

No Privacy:

Last but not least, there is no any guarantee of privacy. Whether it's a social media group or a tailored website or app, there is no guarantee of data privacy and confidentiality specially a big headache for parents of respectable girls of our society.

Costly Memberships:

Some websites charging costly memberships for rubbish data which they have maintained form different sources without any authenticity. Simply a waste of time and money.

Fake Apps or Websites:

Another foremost problem is fake websites or scams. Many webmasters create fake landing pages by using scripted templates in order to gather confidential information of general public. We have witnessed many complains of bogus websites or apps by  customers.

So, In short, in the light of above presented  Advantages and Disadvantages of both the styles of Matchmaking, in order to find a good Rishta in Pakistan, we highly rate Personalized Matchmaking as the first and foremost choice for Educated and Respectful families in Pakistan and Abroad countries are well who can afford to pay the economical fees.

Some logical explanation from a highly talented Matchmaker of Karachi, the grandson of Mrs Begum Zaheer, 
Our CEO, M. Usman Saleem Khan has his say when we ask him a simple question!

Why Personalized Matchmaking is always your first priority for the People who are willing to afford the service fee in Karachi or Abroad?

He Replied:

"If I talk about not as a matchmaker, but as a brother or as a father of someone, I never ever doubt on selecting a Personalized Matchmaker if i can afford so. The reason is pretty simple. I love my Family. Wether it's about my sister, my daughter, my brother or any other relative, I will never compromise on privacy and will try to deliver the best as possible, without any undue risks involved. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. When we have trained professionals available, then why I take chance for my loved ones and trust social media or apps rather than an experienced human who is capable to do much better at any given day" 

Courtesy and Credits: M. Usman Saleem Khan, CEO BZ Begum Zaheer Marriage Bureau and Rishta Service in Karachi, Pakistan.


So according to the experience of  our talented CEO, M. Usman Saleem Khan, we are in a position to claim this bold statement that any matchmaking style, which involves matchmaking procedure to be done manually by humans rather than trusting on website algorithms is highly considered as the best matchmaking style in Karachi, Pakistan and it has a much higher success rate as compared to those styles of matchmaking which has less human involvement.

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