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How to Choose: Cousin Marriage Or Outside Family Marriage in Pakistan

Cousin Marriage

How to Choose: Cousin Marriage Or Outside Family Marriage in Pakistan:

As we approach the beginning of 2024, it's a time for reflection and anticipation. The start of a new year often brings a sense of renewal and the opportunity for new beginnings. People around the world engage in various traditions and celebrations to mark the transition from one year to the next. In Pakistan, the New Year may be celebrated with a mix of cultural and contemporary customs. Local festivities might include gatherings with family and friends, special meals, and perhaps attending events or parties. It's common for people to exchange well-wishes and make resolutions for the coming year, setting goals and intentions for personal and professional growth. Now let's discuss our main topic of New Year 2024 about the selection between cousin marriage or outside family marriage in Pakistan.

As marriage is a significant aspect of Pakistani culture, with individuals often faced with the choice between marrying cousins or someone from outside the family. This article highlights the dynamics of both choices, examining their advantages and disadvantages to shed light on the complexities of marital decisions in Pakistan for the girls and boys.

Advantages of Cousin Marriages:

Following are the advantages of cousin marriage preferenes in Pakistan:

1. Familial Unity and Tradition: 

Cousin marriages are deeply rooted in tradition, fostering a sense of familial unity. Choosing a cousin as a life partner is often seen as a way to honor cultural and familial ties, preserving traditions that have been passed down through generations.

2. Economic Stability: 

One notable advantage of cousin marriages is the potential for economic stability. By keeping resources and support within the family, couples may benefit from a shared financial network, contributing to a sense of security and mutual assistance.

3. Cultural Understanding: 

Marrying a cousin often means sharing a similar cultural background. This shared heritage can lead to a better understanding between spouses, as they are likely to have common values, traditions, and ways of life.

4. Property and Wealth Protection: 

Cousin marriages help keep property and wealth within the family lineage.This can help prevent the division of property other than the family members or outsiders.

5. No Verification Needed:

There is no any deep verification needed like required in outside family marriages. Because families knows all about each other and this ensures safety and protection between exchanging proposals within a family. 

Disadvantages of Cousin Marriages:

Following are the disadvantages of cousin marriages in Pakistan:

1. Pressure to Meet Family Expectations:

Marrying a cousin can sometimes leads to complicate family dynamics, especially if there are pre-existing family tensions or rivalries. Individuals in cousin marriages may face societal or familial pressure to conform to traditions or expectations, limiting their freedom to make independent choices about their relationships and lives.

2. Genetic Risks:

Perhaps the most significant concern associated with cousin marriages is the increased risk of genetic disorders in offspring. Research suggests that the likelihood of congenital disorders is higher when closely related individuals have children, raising questions about the long-term health implications for future generations.

3. Limited Diversity: 

Cousin marriages may result in an uninterested social environment. The lack of diversity in thought, experiences, and perspectives within the family could potentially hinder personal growth and limit exposure to different ways of life.

4. Effect on Family Relationships:

Marrying within the family may complicate family dynamics, especially if relationships do not work out. Like a divorce happen or some other problem arise between the couple like an external affair. If this happens then not only the couple but also the whole family members should suffer.

Advantages of Outside Family Marriages:

Following are the advantages of marriages outside the family preferenes in Pakistan:

1. Diversity in Perspectives: 

Opting for marriages outside the family introduces a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. Couples from different backgrounds can bring fresh ideas, cultural richness, and unique ways of approaching life's challenges.

2. Personal Growth: 

Marrying someone from outside the family often leads to personal growth. Exposure to different traditions and customs can broaden an individual's worldview, encouraging adaptability and fostering a more open-minded approach to life.

3. Social Harmony: 

Inter-cultural marriages can contribute to social harmony by promoting understanding and tolerance between different communities. As individuals from varied backgrounds come together, it can help break down stereotypes and build bridges between different segments of society.

4. Reduced Family Conflicts: 

Marrying outside the family can minimize potential conflicts associated with intra-family relationships. There may be fewer complications related to familial expectations, hierarchies, and shared history, leading to a more harmonious marital experience.

5. Personal Happiness Fulfillment:

It can give personal happiness and pleasure in case of love and personal choice. What is more best as to marry someone whom you love and understand no matter outside the family. A complete freedom of choice. 

Disadvantages of Marriages Outside the Family:

Following are the disadvantages of marriages outside the family in Pakistan:

1. Cultural Challenges: 

One of the primary challenges in marriages outside the family is navigating cultural differences. Balancing individual autonomy with familial expectations can be tricky, requiring open communication and understanding to avoid potential conflicts.

2. Meeting Expectations of Both Families: 

Marrying outside the family may lead to friction with extended family members who hold traditional views. Striking a balance between personal happiness and meeting family expectations can be a delicate process, requiring careful consideration and negotiation. There might be resistance or challenges in gaining acceptance from one's own family or the spouse's family.

3. Geographical Separation: 

Marrying someone from a different location may result in geographical separation from one's original family, making it more challenging to maintain close relationships with relatives. If the distance is long, one can miss gatherings and get to gathers.

4. Risk of Fraud and Scams:

Individuals may present inaccurate information about themselves, leading to deception. There's a risk of one partner exploiting the other for financial gain. Unethical individuals may target spouses for financial assets or property gains. Divorce rate in outside family marriages is slightly high due to the fraudulent commitments and misuse of spouse feelings and physique.

5. Need Extra Verification:

As the fraudulent scams and inaccurate information can be presented in profiles, so it needs an extra layer of verification of the potential candidate. Like checking his neighbourhood and references. Office place can be ideal for inquiry for any misleading information if presented at the time of proposal.


In the diverse landscape of marriage choices in Pakistan, the decision to marry a cousin or someone from outside the family is complex and deeply personal. Each option comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages, influencing not only the lives of the individuals involved but also shaping the societal fabric of the nation.

As our society continues to evolve culturally and socially, the dynamics of marriage preferences are likely to shift, reflecting the changing values and perspectives of its people. Ultimately, the key lies in understanding and respecting the choices made. Each individual must navigate these considerations, balancing tradition with personal values and beliefs to make a decision that aligns with their vision of a fulfilling and harmonious marriage.

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