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Why Girls Avoid Rented House Marriage Proposals in Pakistan? | Rent House Problems

Why rejection?

Why Girls try to Avoid Rented House Marriage Proposals in Pakistan? 

In the city of ligts Karachi, where traditions and modernity coexist, the dynamics of marriage proposals often reflect the complex interplay of cultural norms and individual preferences. One intriguing aspect that has surfaced in recent times is that majority of female girls in Karachi, try to avoid proposals from individuals residing in rented houses or flats even if they have good salary and educational background. This rishta rejection leads to the depression and anxiety in the male candidates of our society which is quite problematic these days. This phenomenon, while not universal, raises questions about societal expectations, financial considerations, and the evolving nature of relationships.

Marriage bureaus specially BZ Begum Zaheer Marriage Bureau and Rishta Service often face challenges with male proposals who have rented place of living. Rented accommodations can be perceived as less secure, potentially raising doubts about the long-term commitment and ability to provide a stable home environment. Additionally, cultural expectations around homeownership might influence people's preferences in the marriage process. 

Lets dig deeper into the reasons as to why females feel hesitation in the selection of such proposals:

1. Financial Security and Stability of Married Life:

Karachi, like many other South Asian cities, holds deep-rooted cultural values that often influence matrimonial decisions. The concept of stability and permanence is highly valued in marital unions. Some girls may feel societal pressure to seek partners who own their residences, as it is seen as a symbol of financial security and a foundation for a stable family life. 

2. Economic Considerations:

In a city where the cost of living is significant, economic factors play a pivotal role in shaping marriage preferences. Owning a house can be perceived as a sign of financial success and responsibility. Some girls may lean towards proposals from individuals with owned homes as it signifies a certain level of financial stability, reducing concerns about potential economic hardships in the future.

3. Symbolism of Ownership:

The concept of homeownership extends beyond financial considerations; it carries symbolic weight in terms of responsibility and commitment. Girls may associate owning a house with a long-term commitment to settling down and building a life together. In contrast, a rented dwelling might be viewed as a temporary arrangement, potentially raising doubts about the partner's commitment to a lasting relationship.

4. Social Comparison:

Social comparisons and the desire to meet societal expectations can influence marriage preferences. Girls may find themselves in a social dilemma where the prevailing norm is to seek proposals from individuals who own their residences. The fear of being judged or facing scrutiny from family and friends may contribute to the inclination to avoid rented house proposals.

5. Changing Perspectives:

It is essential to recognize that societal perspectives are evolving, and not all individuals adhere to traditional norms. The younger generation, in particular, may be more open to diverse lifestyles and unconventional choices. While some girls may prioritize homeownership, others may place greater importance on qualities like compatibility, shared values, and emotional connection.

6. Safety of their Upcoming Children:

It is also the factor that girls of Karachi are keen to have a own home husband. Their family planning remains at stake all the time if the place is rented where their future husband is living. It may affect the mental growth of their upcoming children and they may feel depressed outside when comparing with other children whose parents have own living place. As we all know how much the headache is to give rent each amd every month on time and it may affect the married life as well if not managed properly. 

7. Bad Eperience in the Past:

It can also be the contributing reason that some of their family relationships have suffered a bad experience with the candidate who dont have own house and later on leads to divorce or vice versa. The negative impact due to this leads to the mind make up of the others persons in the family to avoid such proposals in the near future. 

Islamic Perspective about the Rejection of Rented House Boys Rishtay for Girls:

From an Islamic perspective, the concept of rishta (marriage proposal) is deeply rooted in principles of character, piety, and compatibility rather than material possessions such as house ownership. Islam encourages individuals to prioritize qualities such as faith, honesty, and kindness when considering a potential spouse.Judging someone solely based on their house ownership can be inconsistent with Islamic teachings. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) emphasized the importance of looking beyond material wealth and focusing on a person's character and piety. In a well-known hadith, the Prophet stated, "If someone with whose piety and character you are satisfied comes to you, then marry [your daughter or the female under your guardianship] to him. If you do not do so, there will be tribulation in the land and much corruption" (Tirmidhi).

While the stability provided by a home is important, it is just one factor among many to consider. Economic circumstances can vary, and the emphasis in Islam is on fairness, compassion, and understanding in evaluating a potential life partner.It is crucial for individuals and families involved in the rishta process to align their criteria with Islamic values, focusing on aspects such as religious commitment, moral character, compatibility, and shared values. Material possessions should not be the primary measure of a person's worth or suitability for marriage.

How to Overcome Rejection in Rishtay due to Rented House (Groom's Perspective):

Remember, honesty and transparency is the key. By addressing concerns head-on and demonstrating your commitment to a stable future, you increase the likelihood of overcoming objections related to living arrangements.
Here are some tips which can be used but its not guaranteed that they work all the time. Individual experiences can be vary case to case:

Financial Responsibility:

Explain your financial stability and the reasons behind the decision to rent rather than own. Highlight your consistent income, savings, and any investments you may have made for future stability.

Future Plans:

Discuss your plans for the future, including your intentions to eventually own a house or make other long-term living arrangements. Express your commitment to creating a stable and secure home environment for your future family.

Temporary Nature of Renting:

Clarify that renting is a temporary situation and that you are actively working towards a more permanent housing solution. Mention any specific plans or milestones you have set for transitioning from renting to owning.

Home Environment:

Emphasize the effort you put into making your rented space comfortable and conducive to a family environment. Share how you've created a sense of stability and warmth within your current living situation.

Open Communication:

Ask about their concerns and address them directly. When addressing concerns about a rented house in the context of rishtay (marriage proposals), it's important to communicate openly with the brides family and provide detailed information to showcase your stability and commitment.

Long-term Plans and References:

Provide references from people who can vouch for your character, responsibility, and commitment to building a stable family life. Share your long-term plans for career growth, personal development, and how these factors contribute to your ability to provide a stable home. 

Seek Lower Class Proposals:

The last thing you can do is to look for lower class families who also dont have their own living place or those who are needy. If possible, do compromise on looks and physique while selection of girls. You can also opt for divorce or nikkah break girls (without rukhsati) after proper inquiry if the family is respectable. Marriage Bureaus often have these type proposals available who are working in Karachi like BZ Begum Zaheer Marriage Bureau and Rishta Service. 


The majority of Karachi girls are avoiding rented house proposals is a complex aspect of the city's matrimonial landscape. Finacial stability, economic considerations, symbolism attached to ownership, social comparisons, and changing perspectives all contribute to the complex decision-making process. 

Addressing concerns about a rented house in the context of marriage proposals involves emphasizing financial responsibility, outlining future plans, and expressing a commitment to stability. Open communication, a focus on the temporary nature of renting, and showcasing efforts to create a positive home environment are crucial. By being transparent and providing detailed information, you not only address concerns but also demonstrate your dedication to building a secure and lasting family life. Remember, understanding each other's perspectives and working together to find common ground can pave the way for a successful resolution.

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